How to Make Your Dreams Come True?

Have you forgotten how to talk from your heart?

Have you shifted how you look at things?

It’s just as easy to see things from a negative point of view, as from a positive point of view. Then I have to ask: Why do people shift the way they think from positive to negative?

An old-timer once asked me: How can I keep working hard at things and lose, then try again?

The answer is Hope!

All my life I have seen, inside my brain, the things I’ve hoped for. In doing so, I, more than most people, have enjoyed the realization of my dreams. Surely, there have been failures, but the successes have outweighed the losses. No one, not even my stupid parents, was successful on trying to thwart me from the Hope residing in me, because I’ve never forgotten the successes.

Why have you allowed your brain to think in the negative?

A sure sign of a negative thinker is the negative dampening of an idea, an act, or a dream. I’m sure you’ve heard people that suffer from being negative. A negative person is simply a person whose dreams dissipated. Perhaps their dreams were based on total unreality, or perhaps they just never saw their dreams come true because they were too lazy to work at making their dreams come true.

In my case, I suppose I’ve had more dreams than other people, because they stop dreaming after the first experience of loss.

My many, many dreams have mostly been fruitless, but by the sheer number of dreams I’ve dreamt, have caused the successes to mount along my road of life. The mountains of successes, although small when compared to the mountain ranges of dreams, have lifted my brain to a height high enough to see over the sea of fallen people, whose dreams failed, who allowed their spoiled dreams to defeat them.

Once I reached the height of the clouds, and could see over the top of the fallen people, I realized how easily anyone could make a dream come true. It became so easy for me to reach any dream that I began trying to help people to their feet, so they could realize their dreams. Yet, my quest has been defeated too often because the fallen ones have never learned that a dream is only the drawing that lays out the plan a person should follow, without which success can never be realized.

The only reason people do not reach their dreams is they’ve never learned that dreams only come true if a person is willing to work hard following the dream planned to achieve it. No dream happens on its own! And lazy dreamers will never see their dreams come true, and negative thinkers are doomed to destroy dreams as surely as acid destroys…

If you’re a negative thinker, ask someone who loves you to help you repent (change). If the one you live with is also a negative person, then you’re in trouble because you will pull each other down into the quicksand of despair, which is a bottomless pit.

This is when a couple living together needs help from the outside. Help that is positive because enough negativity exists in a family without Hope. Yet, a negative family often suffers from having pride also, which keep the pair bottled up because of fear. The fear overtaking the negative pair is letting other people know their secret.

The Bible teaches us to confess our sins one to another. Negativity, despair, and fear are sins, because they are destructive. Anything destructive is sin. It’s wrong and no one should be the victim of destruction. There is only one destroyer, who perpetuates destruction.

God is life, and life is full of dreams, and dreams come true, if you are willing to be truthful and work hard at making your dreams come true.



2 thoughts on “How to Make Your Dreams Come True?

  1. Wow! This makes sense, and it is logical. Thank you for helping me to identify something that I can work on to live my life better…

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