Was Mary really a virgin?


“Do you believe in the virgin birth of Christ? Was Mary a virgin?” -Robert


Yes! Mary was a virgin. The problem lies in the understanding of the different words depicting “virgin” in the Hebrew language, which is worlds’ apart from the use of today’s word virgin.

In the Hebrew world of Jesus, a woman does not lose her virginity because she marries. A woman only loses her virginity through unfaithfulness. Hence, Anna a prophetess who was widowed (in the book of Luke) was still called a virgin even though she was married.

Mary’s virginity is referred to as a different word: alma. This is a special virgin who has her father’s and her husband’s permission to never sleep with a man and only serve the Lord. This type virgin was put to death by the community if she broke her vow of abstinence from sex! Hence, Joseph’s concern to take his “wife” as told by the angel.

Looking at the conditions, Joseph thought the people would kill her if he consummated their marriage contracted from birth (which was their right). The Apostle Paul addresses this topic in 1 Corinthians 7.



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