The Second Coming of Christ

Two questions were emailed to The Underground Bible on this subject.

Question #1:

“Maybe the resurrection was the Second Coming and the graves that opened the 144,000 saints that slept?” -Austin


Sorry Austin! No cigar_since the Scriptures cannot be broken, your estimation is incorrect.

1) The Second Coming refers to Christ’s return as a spirit named The Comforter.

2) For the Second Coming to occur, Christ cannot be a man.

3) Since Jesus was a man between birth & death, then this discounts his life as the Second Coming.

4) Since Jesus was resurrected from the dead three-and-one-half days after his death and remained with the apostles 40 days and nights, and he was once again flesh & blood (a man) this discounts this as the Second Coming.

5) Since Jesus said he would return after his 40 day period ended, this is when the so-called Second Coming began. So-called because Jesus never used the term “Second Coming”. It is only written, “those who believe on him will see him a second time“. This statement is an open ended phrase without end.

As for the 144,000 this is a reference to 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel, which refer to the future apostles.


Question #2:

“I haven’t read your whole book but I was wondering who do you believe Elijah is? Do you believe he has come or is to come? We know that he HAS to come before the second coming of Jesus due to Mal 4:5,6…” -Caleb


First, let me applaud you for your knowledge and faith about Elijah, since so many Christians are ignorant of the fact that Elijah must come before Jesus! The answer to your question is: Yes, Elijah is here, which means Jesus isn’t very far behind. Elijah wrote The Underground Bible to reveal how the Second Coming really works. The reason for this book is to reach the entire world with the good news as opposed to standing on a rock at the Jordan River. I’m sure the book will answer most of your other questions.


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